JetBlue Name Change Policy

Is it necessary to cancel the trip because a name was misspelt? Don’t be alarmed if you’ve booked your flight with JetBlue. JetBlue’s name change policy allows passengers to modify the names of their characters as needed. You can’t change or transfer the complete name, but you can correct misspelt ones. Consider reading the following points to learn more about the name change policy:

  • Official channels must be used to make corrections.
  • Passengers who want to change their name on JetBlue must provide supporting evidence along with the change name form.
  • Passengers are allowed to amend spellings on the following items under JetBlue’s name correction policy: first names
  • Middle names are names that are used in the middle of
  • Names of relatives
  • A legal name has been given a nickname.
  • Names that are reversed
  • Correcting the format to meet the requirements of legitimate papers
  • Adding a surname or a middle name
  • Marriage, divorce, and adoption all provide for legal changes..

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