American Airlines Customer Service

Our goal at American Airlines Customer Service and American Eagle is to deliver safe, dependable, and friendly air transportation as well as a variety of other services to our customers. We consider every flight you take with us to be critical, and we go to great measures to ensure that it is.

Our major objectives are your safety, comfort, and convenience.

  1. The cheapest available fare
  2. Circumstances that result in cancellations, delays, or detours
  3. During exceptionally long waits, customers’ basic requirements must be met.
  4. If your flight has been cancelled or delayed, we can help.
  5. Distributor of luggage.Responsibility for luggage
  6. American Airlines offers guaranteed pricing and a 24-hour hold period.
  7. Customers with particular needs are accommodated.
  8. Tickets are refundable.
  9. Avoid flights that have a substantial proportion of overbooked seats.
  10. Additional travel guidelines
    Service with code-sharing partners in the United States
    Customer service issues are addressed.

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