Dallas boasts one of the country’s largest airports, which means that flights into and out of the city are less expensive than in other Texas cities. Flights to numerous cities in the area are also rapid due to its central location, making weekend excursions straightforward and economical.

Why Go To Dallas – Fort Worth


Dallas – Fort Worth has everything you think of when you think of Texas. This is where the Dallas Cowboys and the Fort Worth Cowboys compete, and where huge hats, big hair, and enormous horns are the standard. Stereotypes, however, are only the tip of the DFW iceberg: The Metroplex is brimming with history, art, athletics, and family-friendly activities. The trouble is that all of these enticements can be available in both cities, making it difficult to decide where to spend your time.

The Best Time to Visit


Between September and November, the greatest time to visit Dallas – Fort Worth is when the weather isn’t too hot, tourist traffic has gone down, and the Texas State Fair is in full gear. Keep in mind that hotel prices can rise during the Cowboys’ football season, especially in the Metroplex. Examine the team’s home game schedule to avoid paying excessive rates. The months of March to May are similarly pleasant in terms of weather, and flowering flowers add to the season’s charm. Summer is Dallas – Fort Worth’s prime season, so expect hotel prices to rise despite temperatures in the 90s and high humidity levels. Between December and February, you’ll find bargains, but don’t expect unusually warm weather.

How to Get Around Dallas-Fort Worth


Driving is the best way to travel about Dallas – Fort Worth. The region is easy to travel because both downtown areas are set out on a grid; even certain freeways follow the linear patterns. The numerous main highways and interstates that crisscross the region make getting between Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Metroplex communities a breeze. Simply expect heavy traffic during peak hour and limited parking at all times. If you don’t plan on driving a lot between Dallas and Fort Worth, you should consider taking public transportation instead. Both cities have significant bus systems, and Dallas also has an effective (although limited) light rail system.Meanwhile, the Trinity Railway Express can transport you between Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), which is 18 miles northwest of Dallas and 22 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

You won’t need a car to get to and from the smaller Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), which handles flights from Delta, American, and Southwest: Love Field is about 6 miles north of downtown Dallas and is accessible by light rail and bus. Rental automobiles are, however, available at both airports and in both downtown districts.

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